Trooper Process Gallery

iPhone 6 iOS 9.2 and GeometriCam, UnionImaengine, Mextures and Photoforge2 apps.

Step 01 ///
I took a picture of my Stormtrooper toy with the native camera app.

Step 02 ///
I created a custom preset in GeometriCam and exported several images with different grid sizes. I used the Layout tool to resize the cells so as to snap the grid to the edge of the frame. This was essential to ensure that all the exported image matched the same alignment and angle.

Step 03 ///
Using the Union app I blended all the images from the previous step using shapes in the mask mode. Then I blended the original image using multiply mode to reveal the blacks.

Step 04 ///
Using the Imaengine app I created a silhouette of the original image. Then in the Union app I blended some details to create an organic look and add some definition of the outline.

Step 05 ///
Back to GeometriCam, I made a new image just to have some horizontal lines. Again in the Union app I blended small parts of this image to create some movement.

Step 06 ///
Using the Star Wars logo, in the Union app I blended it several times in screen mode in order to reveal the white and some transparency. I also added my signature logo.

Step 07 ///
In the Mextures app I used some formulas and exported a couple of images to create different textures and colors.

Step 08 ///
I used the Photoforge2 app (no more available in the App Store) to blend the images and to create the correct tone and texture that I desired.



GeometriCam uses the iPhone camera as a live video source to generate stylish geometric compositions in real-time. Explore your surroundings through the eyes of geometry and be amazed by shapes and colors that change as you move around: creating abstract masterpieces has never been so fun and easy!

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